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Ceepo Katana Ultegra Time Trial Bike – Black/Red – S/50cm

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MIDDLE to LONG distance weapon of choice for CEEPO pros Christian Kramer, Bree Wee and Gina Crawford. This is the lightest bike in TRI range with a frameset weight of 1080g, a lowered and stiffened BB area helps your power propel the bike forward with great saddle compliance. The lowered rear quarter with hidden direct mount brakes helps clean up turbulent air above the legs. Our perfect triathlon geometry allows you to get fast and comfortable position while also providing superb handling and high-speed stability. All features are aimed at producing fast bike splits plus keeping fresh legs for the run. Katana’s non-UCI design is 100% dedicated to your triathlon life. Technical Specification: 100% Tri oreinted Truncated Aero design Electric ready 1080grm Frameset Direct mount brakes front and rear. Long distance, Long wheelbase Stability and comfort. Reversible seatpost, Bento box and cartouche air holder Bars: Deda Parabolica Cranks: ROTOR 3D24 NOQ Saddle: San Marco Spid Wheels: Miche Reflex Tyres: Conti Ultrasport Features: Truncated aero foil tubes: Stiffer, lighter, aero tubes Lowered BB: For improved high speed stability and better overall aerodynamic Brake options: Front: Direct mount + Traditional center hole Rear: Direct mount Reversible seat post: For a wide range of saddle adjustability Bento box bosses: Top tube located bosses that allow direct mount bento box Fork stopper: Fork rotation is limited to avoid top tube damages from being hit by handlebar Internal Di2 battery adaptor: Accessible battery location in lower section of downtube CO2 cartridge holder Head Set 1-1/8″ – 1-1/4″ Frame High-modulus carbon frame 1,080g? (M size) BB Type BB EVO386 CP KATANA Reviews: Click here for a full review of the Ceepo KATANA as appeared in TriathlonPlus Magazine. Many of our pro triathletes ride the CP KATANA. The 15 time Ironman distance champion and a member of Australian Ironman Hall of Fame, Belinda Granger, has this to say about this bike: “Once completely built, the first thing I noticed about the Katana was the weight or should I say ‘lack of weight’. This is the lightest TT/Triathlon Bike I have ever had the pleasure of owning. The lighter bike added to the thrill factor of my first ride. I love it because it fits me like a glove and there are not too many top of the line TT bikes out there that are made for shorter athletes like myself. It is super responsive and incredibly stiff yet still exceptionally comfortable. I can stay down on my aero bars for entire 5hr+ rides. The acceleration is amazing and you just know that the power driven into the crank gives an instant return of speed. Position-wise I had no trouble finding my favored low position at the front and forward seated position, and the little icons etched onto the frames made measuring a breeze. Overall I love the new Katana – a must if you want to go fast this coming Triathlon season.” Click here for the geometry chart for your Ceepo KATANA. Frame Sizes: Component XS S M L XL Crank 170mm 170mm 172.5mm 175mm 175mm Rings 50/34 50/34 50/34 50/34 50/34 Stem 60mm 75mm 90mm 100mm 100mm Cassette 11/25 11/25 11/25 11/28 11/28


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