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Elite Volano Fluid Smart B Direct Drive Trainer

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A Muin for the people all the smooth performance of an Elite direct drive trainer but in a lighter simplified form and including a wireless sensor for smart trainingIncludes a Misuro B Bluetooth and ANT sensor that transmits speed and cadence information to compatible Android or iOS devicesA Fluid drive unit is realistic smooth quiet and simple to useDirect mount design solid stable frame and maximum resistance of over 1200 Watts means this has plenty of power for those looking to push themselves but is also quiet and smooth for less intense effortsWith no cables or settings to adjust the harder you go the harder it gets so just jump on and ride!Frame can be folded for easy transport or storage making this an ideal warm up trainer as you don’t need to bring a spare trainer wheel integral carry handle for easy transportCompatible with 130 135 and 142 x 12 frame spacing standardsCompatible with 9 10 and 11-speed Shimano and Sram cassettes (not included) can be adapted for Campagnolo using a Volano freehub adaptorFeaturesProgressive resistance that gradually increases with speed.Extremely quiet: Fluid based resistance and the direct transmission of effort eliminate the high noise levels associated with indoor training.Internal flywheel: smooth road-like pedaling during all types of training.Direct Power Transmission: The direct transmission of power output is achieved through a direct connection between the trainer and the bicycle’s chain. This design eliminates all forms of slippage-when starting accellerating or during the most intense sprints.Integrated Fluid Resistance Technology: A wide range of resistance levels and a high degree of pedaling smoothness come from an integrated resistance unit that uses Elite designed silicone oilEasy to use: Substitute your bicycle’s rear wheel with Turbo Muin and start training right away as if you were on the road.Compatible with Road and MTB bikes with standard diameter quick release 130mm/135mm hubs and 142×12 thru axlesSelf-adjusting Progressive Resistance: Fluid resistance similar to the air resistance experienced on the road gradually increases with speed; use higher gears for power-based training and lower gears for base level and rpm training . The wide range of resistance covers both the needs of the pro-level athlete and the amateur.Stable and foldable frame: just fold it and store it once you’re done trainingSPARE PARTS ** a freehub compatible with Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed cassettes is available App My E-Training: an exciting and technically sophisticated virtual coach that travels with you whatever your destination. Manage power heart rate speed time and distance directly from your smartphone or tablet with the My E-Training App.My E-Training includes:My RealVideo: train with Elite RealVideos and download hundreds of free user-created My RealVideosBase Training: constant power training sessions** levels pre-set programsTraining test: an evaluation test that helps you create month-long personalized indoor training programs.Maps races: create races the world over with Google Maps.Multiple users: the app allows for multiple users on the same device.Easier training program creation: all-new graphics editor simplifies program creation.Video Playlist: create a playlist from training videos on your device.Share results: to track of your performance over time training data can be saved exported (CSV – comma separated values Strava Tcx format) or shared on social media.


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