Endura Transrib SS Womens Base Layer Black


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The Endura Transrib Short Sleeve Womens Base Layer is a must have for all women riders, with the capability to be worn all year round thanks to its insulated design which also incorporates an outstanding moisture management system to keep you both warm in the winter and relatively sweat free during the summer! This capability to be used all year round has been achieved thanks to its CoolMax material that the Endura Transrib Short Sleeve Base Layer uses, with four channel fibre construction the material pulls any sweat on the skin away to the surface to keep you comfortable and dry by speeding up the evaporation process greatly! An Antibacterial finish complements this feature perfectly, as it ensures that the Short Sleeve Base Layer continues to smell fresh at all times! With high stretchability and supportive features the Endura Transrib Womens Base Layer is suitable to be used by riders of all shapes, each one being provided with a stylish and comfortable look! Endura Transrib Short Sleeve Womens Base Layer Features CoolMax ribbed knit for excellent insulation and superior moisture management Antibacterial finish to keep you fresh High stretch supportive fit flatters all body shapes Athletic fit


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