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Enve Zero Offset Seatpost Black – Diameter: 30.9mm – Length: 400mm

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Enve Zero Offset Seatpost Black – Diameter: 30.9mm – Length: 400mm. Key Features Material: [Post] Unidirectional Carbon Fibre, [Hardware] Aluminium, [Bolts] Titanium Diameter: 27.2 mm, 30.9 mm, 31.6 mm Weight: 208g (27.2mm) Offset: 0mm Length: 400mm Zero Offset Seatpost Despite all evidence gathered from the aerospace industry, F1 racing, and the WorldTour, some cyclists may still have lingering doubts about the viability of ENVE’s signature item, carbon wheels, however, there can be no questioning both the benefits and risk-free nature of the Utah-based manufacturer’s latest foray into the realm of black fiber, the Twin Bolt Zero Offset Seatpost. Given the impact ENVE has had on wheels, we can only assume the Twin Bolt will sign post the future of cockpit adjustability. The Twin Bolt benefits from all the advances of ENVE’s strict carbon construction ethos. Given what these methods did for the advancement of carbon wheels, you can imagine the benefits to a seatpost: strong enough for road or trail, lightweight, easy to install, and intuitive to adjust via the Twin Link hardware. The Twin Link mechanism itself comprises two bolts that govern the movement of two wedges in order to adjust the saddle’s angle from 0 to 27 degrees, locking your ride in place at your preferred setting. The mechanism doesn’t require tortured angling with a wrench to reach under the saddle where Allen keys fear to tread. Rather, the bolts are on either side of the clamp, sitting well below the saddle rails so you can adjust them with your preferred tool. For kit this nice, not to mention to protect carbon rails, we recommend the reliable restraint of a torque wrench. NB: Image for illustration purposes only