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The Fabric Tri Flat Race Saddle is the perfect lightweight triathlon saddle, ideal for any time trial or triathlon rider. This brand new saddle from Fabric is the ultimate triathlon saddle on cycling market, designed with ultra-lightweight hollow titanium, this race saddle is a slim line addition that really will complete your ride. Designed specifically with the triathlon and time trail cyclist in mind, it meets all the requirements of triathlon and time trial cycling. The Fabric Tri Flat Race Saddle has been manufactured slightly shorter in length than a traditional bike saddle. Performance and comfort were at the forefront of Fabrics mind when they designed this triathlon saddle. Featuring a centralised relief channel, the Fabric Tri Flat Elite Saddle is designed for ultimate performance and style but certainly not at the expense of comfort. This Fabric Tri Race Saddle has been carefully tailored with precision and perfection so that every need is met for the rider. Not only does this triathlon saddle come with bike hanger and rear bottle mount included, it is great value for money and provides the optimum comfort for cyclists. Carefully designed with a central pressure relief channel running the length of the triathlon saddle ensures comfort and performance as any extended pressure on the pudendal artery can lead to discomfort and numbness. Fabric Tri Flat Race Saddle Features Bike hanger and rear bottle mount included Width: 134mm Length: 267mm Base: Nylon Rail: Hollow Titanium Upper: Lightweight PU foam Cover: Waterproof microfiber


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