Focus Bold2 29 Ltd Electric Bike 2017 Black/Blue


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The Focus Bold² 29 LTD Electric Mountain Bike 2017 is a hardtail eBike built for use on rough terrain. It’s intended for use on any kind of trail – whether you’re on a downhill, flat or uphill stretch. Powered by the new generation of Shimano Steps MTB motor it’s the consummate trail hardtail. Flying into corners and shooting out, the Focus Bold² lets you push your limits until none remain. The triple butted aluminium tubes are designed so that the walls are thicker at areas under more stress, with a constant external diameter, help reducing weight without impacting on structural stability. The unique airflow system provides optimal ventilation for the integrated battery, pushing fresh air through the intakes into the downtube where the battery is installed. Heat produced is removed through another air flow system via the downtube. Focus Bold² 29 LTD 2017 Features Trail-Orientated Progressive Geometry Ultra-Light Alloy frame Powerful Shimano drive unit Bold² 29 LTD Spec Highlights Shimano Deore XT groupset Shimano Steps MTB drive unit Magura MT2 disc brakes Tailored Energy Concept (T.E.C.) – Maximum Flexibility Tailored Energy Concept provides the Jam Squared with an integrated battery design. Clean looks, low centre of gravity & extremely good handling, everything you’d ever want. The T.E.C. connector provides you with additional flexibility for power solutions, allowing you to attach an additional battery to the Bone Rail on the downtube. A further option allows you to use the Smart Rack, allowing you to bring along a bottle & tools if the Bone Rail is not in use. Tailored Energy Concept provides additional versatility to the Squared Experience. Want to know more? Check the video here: Shimano STEPS MTB – Explore New Grounds The all new specific version of the Shimano STEPS e-bike system features on all Focus Squared models. With Shimano STEPS MTB, handling corners quickly and getting the front up for obstacles is a breeze. The light-weight system offers support for higher cadences, and still makes your ride feel completely natural thanks to its narrow Q factor, delivering an efficient pedal stroke & riding position. Controlled by a power mode switch with three power modes; Eco, Trail & Boost. Complete with an integrated battery & motor design for clean looks. Check out our Shimano STePS eBike Systems Buyers Guide for more info!


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