Fuclrum Racing 3 2-Way Fit 700c Road Wheelset – Campagnolo


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The ideal wheelset for enthusiasts, the Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset has been designed with the goal of bringing pro level performance down to more affordable prices. The result is an extremely lightweight wheelset – just 1565g for a pair – combined with Fulcrum’s legendary quality and performance. All Racing 3 Wheels are hand assembled by specialised Fulcrum technicians and checked in every minute detail with electronics to ensure every wheel that leaves the factory offers the maximum performance and reliability. Add an aggressive styling and a host of technologies and you have the perfect wheel for sprinting, climbing and simply enjoying the road as fast as possible. 2-Way Fit Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels have been crafted with 2-Way Fit technology to ensure perfect compatibility with both tubes and tubeless set ups thanks to a special impression in the valve area to fit tubes with precision and a sealed rim bed for leak less tubeless performance. Ultra-Fit Ultra-Fit Tubeless technology ensures they sides of the tyre mate perfectly with the shoulders of the rim for an exceptionally smooth mount. This system also eliminates movement so energy dispersion is at its minimum for increased performance and efficiency. MoMag MoMag is a unique mounting system that removes the need for holes on the rim for fitting spokes. With the use of a magnet all the spokes of the Racing 3 Wheels have been inserted via the valve hole and dragged into place. The advantage of this system is that the Racing 3 Rim is uniform at every point, free from stress points or zones of weakness for increase rim life. This system also does away with the need for rim tape helping to shave weight and is compatible with greater spoke tension for a stiffer wheel. 2:1 Spoke Ratio A unique way to maximise the stiffness of the Racing 3 Wheels, this 2:1 spoke ratio doubles the spokes in key areas to reduce undesirable flex of the wheelset resulting in more efficient power transfer and increases fatigue life of all components due to more balanced spoke tensions across the wheels. Dynamic Balance Simple and elegant. By balancing the weight of the valve section of the wheel with a similar weight on the exact opposite side by using two oversized spokes, the Racing 3 Wheelset is a perfectly balanced wheel that rolls with more efficiency and control. Anti-Rotation System Redesigned spoke and hub housings create a solid and unmovable connection that will never lose their initial tension, keeping the wheel perfectly centred and will remain in the best possible position for aerodynamic penetration. F.I.C Fulcrum Identification Card Your Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheels are 100% handmade quality, this card identifies and certifies that your wheels have been manually assembled to the maximum standard and has passed all tests required by Fulcrum’s strict quality protocol.


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