Haibike SDuro HardSeven 4.0 2017 Electric Mountain Bike Silver


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Offering the unique combination of electric performance combined with a light and agile mountain bike, the SDuro HardSeven 4.0 2017 by Haibike is the perfect machine to expand ythe riding potential. Its tough aluminium frame uses a unique mounting system to neatly integrate the motor and battery down low for improved handling and comes fitted with top quality components from SR Suntthe, Shimano, and Tektro. Haibike SkidPlate Conventional eBike motors sit low in the frame and run the risk of being damaged by strikes to the underside of ythe bike. In 2012 Haibike introduced the SkidPlate, a simple protective element that effectively protects the motor from below. Haibike Gravity Casting Interface The centerpiece of the frame: the motor interface. At this connection point many important functions come together: the engine mount, swing arm and shock mounts, and the battery and downtube connection. The more stable the interface is, the more stable the entire frame is. Haibike Integrated Motor Concept The motor is the technological core and defining characteristic of an eBike. Thanks to the Gravity Casting motor interfaces Haibike can integrate the motor in a compact manner without separate mounting plates. This concept reduces the space required to mount the motor and decreases the visual volume of the engine. Yamaha PW Drive Unit The Yamaha PW unit is proven to be a poHaibikerful and reliable motor. Thanks to its Zero-Cadence system, it supports the rider from the first revolution of the crank. As one of the few motors available allowing a dual chainring, the Yamaha system is able to offer a broad range of gears providing more gear options out on the trails. Given its high maximum torque of up to 80Nm, its compact size, and its low noise, the Yamaha PW is one of the best eBike systems for sporty use. Yamaha LED Display The Yamaha LED display is a compact yet robust display and remote unit. Despite its small size, it provides the rider with all essential information. Positioned on the left of the handlebars, the remote is easily accessible?.


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