MRP AMg V2 Carbon Chain Guide | Black – 32-38T


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The V2 AMg (All-Mountain Guide) Carbon Chain Guide from MRP is the love child of two innovative and revered product lines, the 1x and XCG. Perfectly suited to the increasingly popular all-mountain segment, the All-mountain Guide features MRP’s patented integrated skid protection and shares the freshly updated upper guide from the G3, but lacks a lower retention mechanism. The All-mountain Guide is a great choice for 5-6″ travel bikes when used with the latest tensioned rear derailleurs or on its own for shorter-travel trail bikes or hardtails that require bash protection. The contact-free, “upper-only” chain retention means the All-mountain Guide will be virtually silent and completely drag-free when pedaling. The patented integrated skid will protect your crank and chainring and prevent the chain from ever contacting and potentially damaging your expensive frame. Available in Black only


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