Park Tool PRS-21 Team Race Workstand


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The Park Tool PRS-21 super Lite Team Race Stand offers the same great stability, versatility and features as the Park Tool PRS-20, yet weighs 35% less—only 13.5 lbs. (6.2 kg). Built using a combination of steel for strength in joints and pivots, and aluminum to save weight. The PRS-21 is the perfect stand to choose when size and weight are important. Ideal for the traveling mechanic. The PRS-21 now features a taller bottom bracket saddle to clear the sensor used by power meter (watt measuring) cranksets. Park Tool PRS=21 Team Race Workstand Features Compact work stand that securely holds the bike without clamping ultra-lightweight aluminium or carbon frame tubes and seatpins Great for bikes with tight access areas Quick release mounts hold the bike by the front or rear dropouts; 130 / 135 mm axles accepted Vinyl-covered cradle and quick release strap stabilize the bottom bracket 360 degree horizontal rotation for easy access to both sides of bike Folds to 84 cm for easy transport and storage Tripod base for superb stability Built-in sleeping huballows chain cleaning with rear wheel removed Bottom bracket height quickly adjusts from 71 – 96 cm


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