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MTB requires a whole lot of protection, which is easily achievable in a shoe but generally you have to sacrifice control or balance… Until now. The Shimano M200 SPD MTB Shoe is armoured for your protection and features the latest innovations in MTB footwear for optimum control over your ride! This Shimano MTB Shoe effectively combines the lightweight pedalling effectiveness of a XC shoe with the durability, grip and armour aggressive trail riders require to produce a top performance. When faced with an aggressive trail, although you need to be protected you still need to have as much control as possible to negotiate your way through. Your feet regulate your balance and moves so your choice in shoe can make or break your performance. The M200 has been carefully crafted from synthetic leather that is both durable and comfortable. This material will mould to your foot comfortably without stifling it and also has anti-stretch features to maintain your fit and not become loose. This shoe has been designed to the geometry of your foot and also features a low-profile micro-adjust buckle to dial you in to the perfect fit! There’s no danger of your foot overheating as Shimano have kitted this MTB Shoe out with multi-layered moisture control mesh toe vents that keep your foot cool using the force of the wind you pick up to travel through the shoe. But the real magic happens at the sole. The dual density extra-cushion insole delivers fantastic shock absorption and also promotes stability during pedalling momentum. The outsole is created from stiff rubber that optimises stability and power transfer, so that you get out what you put in and more! The carbon reinforced Torbal midsole brings the whole thing together to produce a natural rider flow motion during downhill riding and also increases rigidity to back-up power transfer. With a speed lacing system closure and expanded SPD cleat adjustment range to accommodate race or trail minded riding styles, this shoe is exactly the performer you need to enhance your skills. Don’t compromise on any aspect of your ride with the Shimano M200 SPD MTB Shoe, a versatile performer! Shimano M200 SPD MTB Shoe Features Synthetic leather low-profile micro-adjust buckle Multi-layered moisture control mesh toe vents Reinforced low profile amour Asymmetrical collar design for ankle protection Dual density extra-cushion insole Variable density rubber outsole Torbal torsional midsole Speed lacing system Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range


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