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Shimano SM-RT70 Ice Tech Centre Lock Disc Rotor 203mm

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Shimano SM-RT70 Ice Tech Centre Lock Disc Rotor 203mm. Key Features: Shimano’s New, Affordable Ice Tech Brake Rotor Steel / Alloy Construction Gives Greater Heat Dissipation, Reducing Heat Build-up In Brakes Improves Braking Performance Under extreme Conditions Improves Pad Life, Reduces Noise And Fades Less Centre Lock Mounting – Lockring Included 160, 180 Or 203mm Options Shimano SM-RT70 Ice Tech Centre Lock Disc Rotor Ice Tech has been a must have Shimano’s must have technology over the past few years and now the benefits can truly be felt by all with the new SM-RT70 Ice Tech Centre Lock Disc Rotor bringing this awesome technology down to a more affordable price point than ever. Ice Tech improves heat dissipation from your brake rotors, keeping them cool under extreme use which leads to less brake fade and better performance. It also improves brake pad life and reduces the dreaded howling brake noise that can plague other rotors when they get too hot. Available in a range of sizes and using Shimano’s Centre Lock mounting system, the SM RT70 Ice Tech Rotor is a great choice for those looking to improve the performance of their brakes. About Shimano Shimano are dedicated to supplying high-quality and high-performance components for different types of bicycles made in various countries and regions of the world, ranging from bicycles for the world’s top racers and daily users. The Dura-Ace, Shimano’s flagship components in the racing world, always adopts our latest cutting-edge technologies like the Di2. The Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence), which was developed to enhance the potential of the components by fusion with electronic devices, has dramatically improved the product line-up, which was developed to provide more comfort and pleasure for commuting and shopping closely related to everyday life. The series features, for example, low maintenance by the internal geared hub and easy pedalling even while the light is on by the built-in hub dynamo. At Shimano, we pursue the creation of new designs and easy-to-use functions by keeping one jump ahead of the users’ imaginations. Shimano realised that innovative new products excelling both in high precision and in durability by the metal-processing technologies we have developed for many years. This, we hope, will encourage more people to use bicycles resulting in the spread of more eco-friendly lifestyles and the promotion of environmental preservation. With this view, Shimano is developing and producing truly Captivating Products. NB: Images Are For Illustration Purposes Only