Shimano XTR M9000 11 Speed Rapidfire Shifter Left


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Fast becoming every trail rider’s obsession, the Shimano XTR SL-M9000-I I-spec-II Rapidfire Pods are the bar by which other MTB shifters are judged! The specially engineered Vivid Indexing feature make the Rapidfire Pods the ultimate in slick shifting! Crafted from the most durable and lightweight materials, this Shimano MTB Shifter weighs in at only 102g for a feather-light yet deadly addition to your ride. Shimano have included a whole host of the latest technologies in shifting, but the most prominent of these is the Vivid Indexing feature which provides a constant amount of shift lever force across all sprockets. This allows seamless and responsive shifting that will make a huge difference to your ride. Shimano understand that when your body is fatigued your performance is compromised, and your hand actually take a lot of pressure when you’re riding. The 2-Way release system allows the upper shift lever to be activated by either your thumb or index finger to change gear. This means you can find a comfortable resting position with minimum-effort shifting that is tailored to your ergonomics. Additionally, the horizontally adjustable forged alloy clamp bracket allows the shifter to be mounted in or outboard of the brake lever for your convenience. The Rapidfire Pod is unbelievably smooth thanks to the precision indexing drum with four sets of ball bearings which minimise friction to an almost non-existent feel! Shifting effort has been lowered by 20 percent by the longer dual-textured carbon shift levers, the length and different textures encourage more movement for your power so shifting is practically effortless. The trails can be treacherous at times, one false move or loss of balance can result in you being thrown off your ride, which is why Shimano have included Instant Release technology for lightning fast shifts. This feature works by delivering the chain to the next gear the moment the lever is actuated with no hesitation. The response you experience from the Rapidfire Pod results in a clean and purely efficient ride, no jolts and no chance of your chain sticking! Stay on top of your game with the Shimano XTR SL-M9000-I I-spec-II Rapidfire Pods, for responses that make your ride feel like an extension of your body! Shimano XTR SL-M9000-I I-spec-II Rapidfire Pods Features Vivid indexing technology Instant Release 2-Way release Horizontally adjustable forged alloy clamp bracket Precision indexing drum with four sets of ball bearings Longer dual-textured carbon shift levers Composite barrel adjuster Pod design can be converted to I-spec to integrate with the XTR brake levers For use with Dyna-Sys 11-speed only Weight: 102 grams