Specialized Element SL Race Bibtight Mens Black


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Comfortable and water repellant The Specialized Element SL Race Bibtights has Men’s FIVE padding made of temperature regulating and bacteriostatic carbon fiber fabric, to reduce pressure it is pre-shaped with welded wings and padding under the sitbones. In addition to the comfort provided by the padding the brace and back of the legs are made from comfortable Lombardia fleece, which will provide warmth on cold winter rides. The rest of the bibtights is made from Event 240, which is an elastic abrasion-resistant fabric. Three layers of this fabric combined with a wind and waterproof membrane, plus a soft brushed hydrophilic polyester on the inside, will keep you protected from the winter elements. Reflective ankle zips allow you to easily put the bibtights on or take them off. Description by Rebecca, Rutland Cycling eCommerce Team.


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