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Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer

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The Bushido is the interactive Smart trainer with the most powerful resistance unit. It’s electric motor brake with a maximum resistance of 1400 Watts ensures smooth pedalling even during steep climbs. The Bushido is extremely user-friendly. Instead of training with a handlebar computer you can connect the trainer to the Tacx Cycling apps quickly and easily. If you also want to train with a PC or laptop you can purchase the Upgrade Smart. The Bushido powers itself and is therefore completely wireless it doesn’t even need a power cable. Just like the other Smart trainers the Bushido uses ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technology to communicate with the connected device. You can attach your tablet or smartphone to your handlebar with the Tacx bracket for tablets (optional).When the Bushido Smart isn’t connected to a smartphone tablet or computer it behaves as a fluid trainer. This means the trainer behaves progressively: when your speed increases the resistance increases as well. So it is possible to use this trainer in a “stand-alone” status. Since the Bushido is not hooked up to the power net you can use this trainer anytime and anywhere. Even when you don’t have your smartphone with you. Software Tacx apps & Third party apps. PC software via upgrade. Operation Automatic Resistance unit Wireless motor Realistic slope 15% 1 Descent simulation – Max brake power (10 sec.) 1400 Watt Sprint power (1 min.) 750 Watt Mass inertia 60 kg 2Connect to Windows PCDo you own a Bushido Smart and are you looking to get more out of your trainings than the Tacx apps can provide? You can achieve this by connecting your trainer to your computer. That way you can train using the Tacx Trainer Software 4 Advanced.Instead of your tablet or smartphone your computer is used to regulate your resistance and read out your performance data. For example the computer software offers longer video’s in HD or Blu-Ray quality. While riding the resistance on your rear wheel is adjusted automatically when the slope increases or decreases.To connect the Bushido smart to your Windows computer the Upgrade Smart is required. This package contains the Tacx Trainer software 4 Advanced a control box to mount on your handlebar and the ANT+ Antenna.ou may connect a Tacx Smart trainer to your smartphone tablet or computer with ANT+ or Bluetooth® Smart in order to use our software and apps or that of others. You may also use it stand-alone without linking the trainer to a device. This means you are completely free to choose the software you want for your indoor cycling workout.With our software and apps you may regulate your training ride by heart rate gradient and power or you may pick a famous route or race. Besides that you may compete with other riders online. The training options vary by application. Read more about our software here:Tacx Training app > for smartphones (free)Tacx Cycling app > for tablets (free)Tacx Trainer software > for Windows PC