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Tacx Satori Smart T2400 Trainer

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Tacx Satori Smart T2400 TrainerThe Tacx Satori Smart T2400 Trainer is an interactive smart trainer that uses complex technology in a user-friendly fashion. The resistance unit measures your speed, cadence and power so you can see your data as you pedal ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart TechnologyData from the Tacx Satori Smart T2400 Trainer is shown on the screen your using, whether that’s a tablet, smartphone, sports watch, etc. The Tacx Satori Smart T2400 Trainer communicates via both ANT+ as well as Bluetooth® Smart technology You can connect the Satori Smart Trainer quickly and easily to the Tacx Cycling app for smartphones and tablets. During or after a training session you, or your coach, can then monitor your performance. The resistance is controlled manually. The Satori Smart Trainer is suitable for training sessions as well as warming up and cooling down Features:Software: PC/laptop Tacx Cycling appOperation: Handlebar resistance leverResistance Unit: MagneticRealistic Slope: 10 positionsMax Brake Power (10 sec): 950 WattSprint Power (1 min): 800 WattMass Inertia: 16 93 kg** Flywheel effect: the higher the value, the more realistic the cycling experienceTechnologies:Magnetic Brake: The magnetic brake has a simpler braking system and is therefore ideal for straightforward training sessions such as warming up before a race and endurance training. The road is simulated using different positions that you adjust yourself. The Satori works with a magnetic brake. The position of the magnets can be adjusted so that the resistance is adjustable. The Satori Motion has a handlebar resistance lever the resistance can be set with in 10 positions. With these different positions a climb or headwind can be simulated. Max brake power is 950 Watt Complementary App for Tablet/Smartphone: Download the Tacx Cycling app free of charge from the App Store or Play Store. There are applications for iPads, Android tablets, iPhones and Android smartphones *Note: A wireless dongle is required to pair this app with your trainer. You can order and download Tacx films using a Tacx Cycling app for tablets. The films of the Tacx Cycling app cannot be combined with films of the Tacx Trainer software Connect to Windows PC: Do you own a Satori Smart and are you looking to get more out of your trainings than the Tacx apps can provide? You can achieve this by connecting your trainer to your computer. That way, you can train using the Tacx Trainer Software 4, Advanced Controlling the resistance unit of the Satori Smart is not possible by a computer, but it does receive your performance data. For example, the computer software offers longer video’s in HD or Blu-Ray quality. While riding, the speed of the image is similar to your speed. Controlling the resistance has to be done manually with the lever on your steer. To connect the Satori Smart to a Windows computer you’ll need the Upgrade Smart. This includes the Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced, a control box to mount on your handlebar and the ANT+ Antenna Stand-alone Training: The Satori Smart can also be used when it is not connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer. When doing so, you can adjust the resistance a by the lever on your handlebar in the same manner you would when the trainer is connected to an electronic device Since the Satori is not hooked up to the power net, you can use this trainer anytime and anywhere, also when you don’t have your smartphone with you. This makes this trainer ideal for a warm up before a race Tacx Trainer Selector:Choose your ideal trainer. Features Satori Smart Tacx Cycling App Yes PC Compatible from the box No Tacx Trainer software 4 Upgradeable Purchase Remote control Via 10 Speed Handlebar Lever Flywheel 1.6kg Resistance unit Magnetic Max Incline 15% Max Descent N/A Max. braking power (10 sec) 950 Watt Sprint braking power (1 min) 800 Watt Mains power None / Wireless Connection ANT+ / Bluetooth Manufacturer Code T2400 Including Skyliner Buy Tacx Nutrition & Training from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.