Truvativ X0 BB30 2×10 Speed Chainset Black


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Please note the packaging of this product has cosmetic damage. The Truvativ X0 BB30 2×10 Speed Chainset is ideal for mountain bike riders that like unpredictability in their ride, and need the equipment to match! This chainset does just that with its Carbon cranks and aluminium rings as well as combining it with some of the best technology out there to give smooth and precise gear chainging, even when under pressure. This Truvativ ?chainset comes with the new Pressfit BB30 that have an integrated seal, pre-assembled into the cups, to further prolong bearing life and helps to reduce weight too. The X0 chainset offers dependable and precise handling and features the new X-Glide technology, this allows the chainset to be prepared for whatever the trail throws at it, and won’t buckle or miss shifts when under pressure and is definitely the way forward in cycling. The Truvatv chainset’s new chainring geometry has been redesigned by aligning the chainring pick-up rivets to the chain pivot pin so you get double the shift opportunities. Truvativ X0 BB30 2×10 Speed Chainset Features All new light weight carbon crank that is strong enough to handle the epic all mountain adventure X-Glide 2X10 and 3X10 shifting technology, 26-39, 28-42 and 22-33-44 gearing New 36-22 and 38-24 chainring options CNC machined 7mm AL rings New GXP Bottom Bracket System featuring Gutter Seal Technology Available in the following bottom bracket configurations: PF30, BB30, GXP and GXP PF 4 graphic colors: Silver, Red, Black, Gold. and Blue Truvativ X0 BB30 2×10 Speed Chainset Specifications Arm Material: Carbon Molded Weight: 788 Grams (GXP w/BB) Bolts: Alloy Double Hex Type/Stainless Steel Recommended Chain: 10 Speed Material: Carbon Fiber Arms w / Forged Alloy Spine Truvativ X0 BB30 2×10 Speed Chainset Technology GXP GXP’s Gutter Seal design cuts friction and weight—improving both feel and performance. Pressfit 30 This is a new design led by SRAM. It’s all the best from BB30 and Press-Fit bottom brackets in one captivating package. This bottom bracket is designed for 30mm spindle cranksets. The key difference with PressFit 30 is how the bearings are fitted into the frame. Bearings are housed in nylon cups which will be pressed into the frames bottom bracket shell. PressFit 30 will feature an integrated seal, pre-assembled into the cups, to further prolong bearing life. Frames will need a 46mm inner-diameter bottom bracket shell to accommodate this system. PressFit 30 for road will require a 68mm wide shell while PressFit 30 for MTB will require a 73mm wide shell. Advantages: Huge weight savings, narrow Q-factor, more ankle clearance, greater bearing durability, stiffer/stronger crank construction, simple installation. Allows for larger diameter frame tubes increasing frame stiffness. Drawbacks: Still searching. X-Glide Imagine being able to shift smoothly at any time, no matter what. We’re talking full-power shifts. Up, down, whatever the trail demands. The benefit of the X-Glide drivetrain is simple, yet, when you think about it, incredibly impactful to the way you ride. Flawless shifting means you’ll never again compromise your speed and power in unpredictable off-road terrain. Here’s how we did it: TRUVATIV’s crank engineers threw away the old standards and developed a new chainring geometry from the ground up. They precisely paired the different-sized chainrings and redesigned where and how the chain engages with the rings. By aligning the chainring pick-up riv


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