Ex-Display USE Nano Tech 8.0 700c Carbon Tubular Wheelset


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This item has been on display and has received slight cosmetic damage to the axle paint (see images for more details). Deep performance. That’s the only word to truly explain the USE Nano Tech 8.0 Wheelset. With its 80mm deep profile these wheels slice through the air like nothing else and are the perfect way to turbo charge your ride. Made using the latest carbon construction methods, technologies and special fibre weaves, the Nano Tech 8.0 Wheels provide superb stiffness and responsive handling combined with an astonishingly low weight of just 1627g for the pair. The added aero advantage has been tuned to offer benefits from all angles, not just head on to boost your performance when riding in side winds and when powering against a gale force head wind. A unique surface coating technology called Nano Surface Finish is applied to all 80mm of the aero profile to help the wheels slide through the air even more efficiently by reducing drag caused by the carbon structure. The added advantage of this coating is the resistance to picking up dust and dirt that keeps the wheels clean and free from cling-ons which could affect performance when every second counts. These high tech rims are built onto super efficient USE hubs which boast fully sealed cartridge bearings for minimal maintenance times and one of the fastest pick ups on the market due to a 6 pawl, 30 point engagement freehub. Sapim’s CX Ray spokes complete the build to assure stiffness and performance to create the mode desirable wheelset on the market.


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