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2XU Perform 9″ Tri Short Tri Shorts

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Rebuilt from the ground up in time for the new season, the Perform 9” Tri Shorts from 2XU are better than ever at supporting you ever step, pedal and kick of the way there. The SBR Power fabric built into the construction will actively improve your triathlon performance, especially through the latter stages thanks to its light compression across the upper leg muscles. This results in a reduction in the amount of lactic acid setting in when you’re tired, stabilising the muscles through 70D elastane, while also keeping you cool and wicking sweat away from the body effectively. Meanwhile in the heart of the shorts, you’ll find the rather wonderful LD Chamois keeping you defended over longer distances. It’s soft foam is perfect for the saddle, while also being low-profile enough to disappear during the run and featuring hydrophobic properties that means you won’t get weighed down by water when you swim. After all that, the Perform 7” Tri Shorts round things out with a premium Italian-made silicone gripper to keep it all in place, and easily accessible side pockets look after race-day essentials.


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