ABUS Steel-O-Chain 4804k Keyed Lock 75cm/4mm


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Looking for a basic protection at low theft risk? With our 4804 chains you will find what you are looking for. If you own a low priced bicycle this lock is perfectly made for you. A 4mm strong square hardened steel chain supports you through everday life. Even the design helps you to find a matching chain, no matter if you decide between black, blue, red or lime. Form-fit design does the rest. Security level 3 for Combo with individual resettable code. Security Level 4 for Key including two keys.Technology:• 4mm square chain with fabric sleeve to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork• The chain is made of special hardened steelTransport:• Convenient transport around the seat post frame• For the protected transport we recommend the frame bags ST 2250 or Oryde 2200Tips:• Very handy use because the chain can be locked with only one click without using the key