Blackburn Countdown 1600 Rechargeable Front Light – One Size Black


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USB Rechargeable Stop the hassle of batteries with the pure ease of this light being micro USB rechargeable. This means that you can recharge your bike light via any standard USB port with the help of a charging cable that comes with this light. The 2amp USB port means that the light will also charge super quickly – taking just 4 hours to fully charge. Side Visibility Mountain Biking is about a thousand split second decisions that come from being at one with your surroundings. So, don’t settle for less with the Countdown 1600 that doesn’t just give you a fantastic forward beam but also provides excellent side visibility. The light has a built in channel which spreads the light beam further and wider giving a greater vision of everything that surrounds you. With a ridiculously high lumen output of 1600 the light will even work at the darkest of nights. Light Modes The Countdown 1600 comes with 6 different lighting modes to choose from dependent on your personal preference, your environment and your battery life. Blitz: 1600 lumen output, 1.3 hours battery life High: 1200 lumen output, 2 hours battery life, 131m visibility Med: 600 lumen output, 4 hours battery life, 98m visibility Low: 300 lumen output, 8 hours battery life, 69m visibility Pulse: 300 lumen output, 12 hours battery life, 60m visibility Strobe: 300 lumen output, 12 hours battery life, 60m visibility Weather Proof The light’s body is made of aluminium and has been specially sealed so that the inside of your light is fully protected from things such as water, dirt and grit. The light comes with a waterproof rating of IP-67 and can stand total water immersion between 15cm and 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. So a little bit of torrential rain isn’t even going to touch your light. Mounting System Purpose built for MTB riders the Countdown 1600 comes with a specially designed Off-Road mount ensures the best protection for your light however rough your path. The mount is extremely sturdy, robust and yet sleek and compact so that it doesn’t get in your way on the handlebar. The mount and light can be attached very quickly and easily with the simple screwing of the aluminium thumb screw at its base. The mount will attach to any bike with a handlebar with a diameter of 22.2 to 35mm. Battery Indicator This light comes with one of the snazziest bike light fuel gauges that you’ll ever see. The backlit display which lies across the length of the top of the light has a countdown system that shows you the exact minutes of battery life that you have left. It will also show you your current battery life in all the different modes.


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