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Campagnolo Zonda C17 Disc Brake Bolt-Thru Clincher Wheelset 2018 – Black – 6 Bolt Rotor – Shimano/SRAM – Dark Label

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Zonda Disc Brake is a benchmark for all mid-range aluminium Disc Brake wheels. A completely redesigned structure specific to bicycles with disc brakes. The result is all-round improved reactivity, especially thanks to the asymmetrical rims and Mega G3 hubs on both wheels. This innovative solution provides a stable front wheel that is able to absorb energy from the braking torque generated on the left-hand side and a rear wheel that guarantees maximum power transfer from the cyclist. Compatible with HH12, QR and 135 and 142 rear hubs. Features: Maximum Compatibility 6 screws and AFS to ensure full compatibility with every disc available on the market. Reliable The front wheel also features G3 technology for top performance even during very powerful braking. Affordable performance Excellent stiffness and reactivity thanks to the G3 system, the milled rim and the innovative RDB balancing system. Specifications: Spokes: Spoke count:16 variable-section stainless-steel radial aero spokes (front) and 21 variable-section stainless-steel aero spokes (rear) with a 2:1 spoke ratio on the drive side RDB Steel spokes with aerodynamic profile Exclusive MEGA-G3 spoke lacing pattern Anty-Rotation System Self-locking nipples Compatibility: Campagnolo FH Body 9/10/11 FH Body HG 9/10/11 Compatible with HH12, QR and 135 and 142 rear hubs Two different interfaces with the rotor: 6 bolts and AFS Hub: Aluminium hub with black finish Steel bearings Hub edge: 100mm (front) 135/142mm (rear) Oversize flange Cup-and-cone bearing system Rim: Differentiated rim height: 24/27-27/30 mm Profile width: 22 mm Rim material: Aluminium Graphic colours: Bright Label Assembly: The Zonda DB wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo® technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Campagnolo® wheels. Comes With: User manual Warrenty Booklet Campagnolo Wheel Identification Card Available Separately: 142 to 135mm rear wheel conversion kit (HH12 version)