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Cane Creek DBAir Inline Rear Shock Rear Shocks

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One of the major changes is the redesigned oil seal head, which is made from a high performance synthetic rubber. This material is embedded with lubricant to ensure reduced friction, better resistance to heat, and increased durability. Advanced Air Spring This shock is the first to feature Cane creek’s “LinEair” spring, which requires less force to activate it, a consistent feel, and a smooth progressive resistance curve at the deepest part of the travel. Find your perfect setup With 4-way individual control of the high/low speed compression and the high/low speed rebound settings, you’ll be able to fine tune how the shock reacts in all situations. This means you’ll be able to find the perfect setup to suit your riding style and the terrain, enabling you to get the absolute best for your favourite trail or enduro rig. There’s also a full lockout setting for those extended climbs back to the top of the trails. Technologies: Double Barrel Twin Tube Technology: Exclusive Twin Tube Technology circulates oil continuously through the damping valve to achieve highly controllable, independent damping for both compression and rebound strokes. This unique design moves oil through externally adjustable valves instead of the main piston, allowing for superior tunability and eliminating the need for internal valve changes to achieve proper shock setup. 4-Way Adjustment: The DBAir Inline rear shock enables the rider to find the perfect setup with individual adjustments of high and low speed compression and high and low speed rebound. This means you can adjust the rear shock to suit your riding style, the type of trail you’re riding, and to suit your bike’s frame. Climb Switch (CS): CS is a proprietary climbing mode on Cane Creek shocks that changes the low speed damping via a set of internal “climbing circuits” when engaged. These circuits are tuned specifically for the demands of off-road climbing to achieve improved pedaling efficiency with less chassis motion. LinEair Spring: The first shock to feature Cane Creek’s LinEair Spring, the DBAir Inline is the best of both worlds, an air shock that feels more supple, linear and seamlessly supportive throughout its travel. Requiring a lower force to activate, the LinEair Spring provides the consistent feel of a coil shock from the initial stroke, full support during mid stroke and the added bonus of a progressive air spring curve when deep in the travel.