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Cycliq Fly12 CE Front Light Camera | Black

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The Cycliq Fly12 CE Front Light Camera is the new Fly12 integrated bike camera and safety light, designed to give cyclists sharp footage of what’s going on in front, integrated with a bright light and all this is mountable with the brand new quick release mounting system all in lighter smaller form than ever before. Makes the Fly12 CE the ultimate choice in cycle safety, whilst on your commute to work. Featuring two functional buttons to control the camera and safety light. It’s safety features are light years ahead of other products on the market, yet its so simple to use. Shoot super crisp video at up to 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution. The ultra-wide 135-degree field of view and 6 axis image stabilisation and high dynamic range means you will capture number plates and action footage with amazing clarity.The powerful 600 lumen light has 3 light modes and 3 dimming modes, along with up to 8 hours operating time, Cycliq’s industry leading battery is built to last longer than your ride. Mounting is simple too, where you can mount either above or below the handlebars. The new 1/8 turn secure mounting system makes it quick and easy to clip on and off your bike. Fly12 CE is built tough to sustain knocks and is weatherproof thanks to nanotechnology. The device also has a bike alarm which alerts your phone via the Cycliq Plus App if your bike is moved. Finally, the clever light camera connect with your compatible Garmin via ANT+, connects with the Cycliq Plus App via Bluetooth and connects via USB to your Mac or PC.Key Features 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution for super sharp recording 600 Lumen light with 3 light modes, perfect for anytime of the day 8 hours run time, ideal for longer rides Connects via Garmin ANT+, Cycliq App via Bluetooth and Mac/PC via USB for seamless uploading Nanotechnology: Waterproof up to 1m and to withstand knocks and bumps