For Goodness Shakes Tough Mudder Bundle Nutrition packs


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No matter how tough you are, to be a Tough Mudder means you need to train hard. For Goodness Shakes has partnered with Tough Mudder to support your training with this pack containing everything you need to stay hydrated during training and recover afterwards. The Tough Mudder Bundle contains: Tough Mudder water bottle Nectar Orange Hydro Tabs: Each tab creates a hypotonic solution containing 5-ion electrolytes to help maintain optimum hydration levels. It is virtually calorie free and has a light refreshing taste. Recovery Chocolate sachet: Makes 500ml of delicious chocolate recovery drink delivering an ideal ratio of 3 parts carbohydrate to 1 part protein Protein & Oats flapjack: A delicious high protein snack made with whole grain oats and real chocolate chunks For Goodness Shakes headband Bring on Tomorrow!