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Fox Suspension Float DPX2 Factory Trunnion Rear Shock Rear Shocks

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The Float DPX2 combines the best of X2 and DPS, the DPX2 features a recirculating oil damper design with the convenience of three on-the-fly compression damping positions. This state-of-the-art rear shock features some of the finest technologies available from Fox to push your off-road performance to the next level. Boasting a genuine Kashima coat exclusive to the factory shock series, this dazzling rear shock looks as amazing as it performs. Boasting a three-position lever with an adjustable open mode which allows you to fine-tune the compression with 10 clicks alongside its recirculating oil damper design which provides better control than ever before. To top it off, this shock comes with a new remote option and a one-piece EVOL air sleeve which improves responsiveness and sensitivity, so you can take your riding up a notch.