LOOK KEO Grip Pedal Cleats-Grey-4.5 Degrees


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The Keo pedal cleat standard has been designed to save weight in the cleat-pedal assembly while remaining compatible with all shoes on the market. For this reason keo cleats have a compact size that keeps the traditional three fixing points of the old standard.The new Keo Grip cleats include non-slip areas to give a more stable and confident feeling when you get off the bike.The other advantage of the grip material is to create a stronger, firmer interface between the cleat and shoe, allowing you to take full advantage of your stiff soled race shoes.As with the original Keo cleats, the grip version is colour coded to show the amount of float provided by a particular model, which means the amount of movement available to your foot without disengaging from the pedal. As a basic guide, the more float you have the more you can alter your foot position while pedalling. choose the highest float for beginners and leisure riders and a fixed, no-float cleat for serious time-trial racers who need to keep the same position for long periods. Red cleats allow for 9 degrees of float. Grey gives 4.5 degrees. Black has no float for a fixed position.