Muc-Off Chain Doctor Cleaner Kit


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This Muc-Off chain cleaning kit banishes grime from your chain with minimal effort. Easy cleaning in just four simple steps this Muc-Off chain cleaner will revive grimy chains in just 19 seconds! The mechanism works by clipping over the chain and combining heavy duty rotating brushes with the awesome power of Muc-Off Chain Cleaner for mess-free, easy application. Step 1: Position bike upright or mount to workshop stand. Shift chain to the middle front chain ring and third smallest rear gear for optimum chain tension. Step 2: Hold the can in your left hand, with thumb over button and forefinger on the trigger. Now position the open Muc-Off Chain Doc over the chain. Step 3: Pull trigger to close the Chain Doc. Back pedal for 2 to 3 revolutions and depress chain cleaner button. Continue for an additional 2 to 3 revs without spraying. Step 4: The chain is now ready for lubrication. Simply follow the instructions in this pack to use Chain Doc, for fast and mess-free lubrication. NB: Muc-Off PTFE Chain Lube is sold separately. Muc-Off Chain Doctor Cleaner Kit Features Easy to use mechanism simply clips over the chain with minimum effort Heavy duty rotating brushes, rapidly remove heavy chain grime quickly and safely Includes 400ml bio-degradable Chain Cleaner Removes even the toughest grime including water proof grease and chain lube/wax residue Brings your chain back to life in just 19 seconds!