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Reminiscing that classic Sidi look, the Trace MTB Shoes are built to ensure that no matter what the trail has to offer you will be ready. Sporting a high degree of durability, the footwear delivers the ultimate protection from your surroundings. Politex material crafted in the upper part of the shoes make sure that no matter how many miles you cover, you’re Trace MTB Shoes will be there alongside you every inch of the way. Resistant to fading and stretching, they will continuously deliver throughout the years and offer an environmentally friendly product. A Great Grip If the need to jettison the bike and take to walking ever arises, the Sidi Trace MTB Shoes offer a superb range of tread to allow for grip when not using the pedal. With the added option of attaching toe spikes when the conditions become muddy, you can also replace the toe grip should it ever become too worn. All in the Sole Benefiting from a Nylon RS17 sole, the shoes have been specifically designed for stiffness when pedalling on mountain bikes. Techno 3 closure also provides a quick release should you need to take them off, with a customised fit providing comfort as you take in the great outdoors. When searching for cycling shoes capable of withstanding whatever the terrain has to throw at you, the Trace MTB Shoes are the perfect addition to your afternoon ride.