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When pairing with the Women’s Eagle 7 SR MTB Shoes the sky truly is the limit. Sidi’s impressive creation welcomes high-end technology and outstanding comfort to the table, working tirelessly to make each and every offroad experience better than the last. An Offroad Champ in the Making Style, power, comfort and precision. The list goes on and on with the Women’s Eagle 7 SR MTB Shoes, putting its rivals to shame with outstanding eco-friendliness and environmental impact. It delivers stability, resistance and lightness while the upper is crafted from a microfibre microtech mesh to ensure breathability. Maximising the flow of air around your head, sweat and perspiration no longer need to worry riders. With both a hydro and anti-mould treatment, it the onset of bacteria is eliminated while you also benefit from the footwear being Oeko-Tex certified. In order to eliminate pressure points and guarantee all-round comfort, Sidi have crafted their soft instep 2 into the shoe. Anatomically curved, the strap combines with a soft, thermo-formed EVA pad to evenly distribute pressure over the instep while also eliminating the need for the high instep extender. Secure Your Fitting Destined to provide inspirational comfort from the first pedal to the last, the Women’s Eagle 7 SR MTB Shoes have a caliper buckle and high-security Velcro strap to maintain the positioning of your foot. The micrometric closure is easily adjustable on the go and it has a pushable centre button to loosen one tooth at a time. If that wasn’t enough, the heel is also reinforced in order to avoid the shoe being deformed by prolonged pressure or overuse. It Has Sole Built for a better performance, Sidi’s Suola MTB SR17 sole is lighter than ever, crafted from nylon with polyurethane inserts to boost comfort. It dominates the trail when shredding endlessly and its shape has been designed for MTB riders regardless of their level. With inspirational traction, mud dispersion and stability, it is certain to keep you going 24/7. Other features: The yellow photoluminescent material captures natural or artificial daylight to give it back to the environment in the dark. The photoluminescence is a source of clean and renewable energy harmless to the environment and humans.