Sram Force22 11 Speed Shift/Brake Lever Front Black


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The Sram Force22 11 Speed Shift/Brake Lever has been developed using sophisticated designs to create a harmony between machine and rider like never before. Special attention to detail makes this Sram Brake Lever one of the most advanced brake levers available on the market. Weighing in at only 307g means that this brake lever is incredibly lightweight at the bars, improving handling and control. The advanced ErgoFit textured body noticeably improves comfort, grip and finger wrap with reduced diameter. This attribute increases accuracy, delivering a more responsive ride. Also featured is the ZeroLoss shifting which encourages immediate and swift engagement. The Sram Force22 11 Speed Shift/Brake Lever will without a doubt increase responsiveness in your ride, giving you more control. SRAM Force 22 11 Speed Shift & Brake Lever Features 307 grams ErgoFit textured body Individual Reach Adjust of brake and shift lever, now easier to access and uses a standard hex key, puts the controls exactly where you want them Larger ErgoBlade lever improves shifting from the drops DoubleTap technology delivers both shifts from the single lever ZeroLoss shifting, shifts engage immediately New clamp allows better fit and adjustment for modern carbon and ergo bars