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Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Tubeless Wheels – 2019

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Modern road bikes are constantly evolving, with new tech seemingly released week after week, all year round. Fully aware of this, Zipp not only strive to stay with the curve, but set the standard by which all others will be judged. Their NSW range of wheels is the result of Zipp’s meticulous approach to constant evolution and refinement in pursuit of more speed. The 808 NSW is the ultimate all-round wheelset, designed to thrive in the world of racing.Latest 82mm deep rim with 19mm ID optimised for 25mm tubeless ready or regular clincher tyresShowStopper textured brake surface delivers unrivalled stopping power in all conditionsABLC Sawtooth technology with ImPress graphics optimises low aerodynamic drag and crosswind stabilityCognition hubset is built to run drag free and provide the lowest rolling resistance possibleLightweight at 1855g for the pair; exceptionally low weight for deep section aero wheelsThe 808 NSW is designed to be the ultimate deep-section aero wheelset; run just the front wheel on your TT or triathlon bike teamed with a disc on the rear or run them front and rear if the course is hilly rather than flat. The latest 82mm deep rim has a 19mm internal width to work better with the latest 25mm tyres, whether they be tubeless ready or regular clinchers, you can use both with ease with the 808 NSW. Zipp’s innovative Impress graphics also help to improve aero efficiency, reducing drag compared to regular rim decals. Zipp really have cut no corners in pursuit of all-out speed! The rim also features Zipp’s ShowStopper brake track, which combines with the supplied Tangente Platinum Pro Evo brake pads to offer incredibly smooth and powerful braking performance in all conditions. Zipp also worked with their composites supplier to create a heat resistant resin that improves heat dissipation, so Zipp wheels are even less effected by heat build up that can plague lesser carbon rims.The centrepiece of the 808 NSW is Zipp’s latest Cognition hubset. The cognition uses Swiss stainless steel bearings to provide exceptional durability and low friction, while the unique Axial Clutch freehub uses magnets rather springs to engage Zipp’s lightweight Metal Injection Molded (MIM) ratchet rings to provide the most reliable, drag free and consistent operation possible. With 36 points of engagement that all interlock simultaneously, the Cognition hubs have the most secure freehub mechanism on the market. Tied together with quality Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes, the wheels are durable, lightweight and are certainly not for race day only; these wheels thrive when being hammered in all conditions. The Zipp 808 NSW is the ultimate deep-section aero wheel, so if you baulk at the thought of compromise, you need Zipp’s 808 NSW in your life!